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8 November 2004

Nothing is better for thee than D

Lynn Sislo prepares to depart the limbo of Independents for what may be a more dangerous abode:

[B]eing an Independent is like being asked out by two guys and refusing to date either of them because they both have good qualities and bad qualities. Nobody's perfect and no organization is perfect but there are advantages to commitment. Therefore, before the next election I am going to register as a Democrat.

The most obvious advantage is that I will be able to vote in the primaries. At this early stage, there is a good possibility that I will vote for Senator Clinton, assuming of course that she runs. I admit that I used to be in the Hillary hating camp (although "vague contempt" would more accurately describe my feelings) but I've been looking at her voting record at Project Vote Smart and based on that alone she is someone I would definitely feel comfortable voting for, though I don't agree with her on every issue. I will also be keeping an eye on the voting records of other likely candidates. However, in November 2008 I will vote for whichever candidate seems to me best able to lead the country regardless of whether he (or she) is Democrat, Republican or third party. So the Democrats still need to shape up if they want my vote.

My own contempt for Senator Clinton is a bit less vague, but I can certainly understand wanting to take part in the primary, something that hasn't been open to Independents on a regular basis; the law now provides that "[r]egistered Independent voters may be eligible to vote in [a] party's primaries and runoff primaries if authorized by the party," though it's unclear just how likely a party other than the Libertarians, who actively sought this provision would be to grant such an authorization.

And although Lynn and I don't agree on a whole lot, I'll be happy to see her on the Democratic rolls; if there's one thing the Democratic Party needs right now, and will need just as much in 2008, it's people who can be thoughtful without being hostile.

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Kansas Democrats voluntarily opened their primary for this past election. The Kansas GOP Chair tried to open the Republican primary, but some fellow Republicans said he didn't have the authority to do that.

Posted by: Chris at 5:40 PM on 8 November 2004