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8 November 2004

Live from Jesusland

What the hell have the Democrats been drinking? Michele knows:

I do believe the Democrats have just switched one brand of Kool-Aid for another. Their new drink is Jesusland flavored and they are swallowing it by the gallon.

If you read them correctly and I'm not just talking about the fringe elements here, but your everyday journalists, talking heads, bloggers and Democrat on the street the Christians are coming and they are going to burn crosses on your door and kidnap your heathen babies.

Under the circumstances, it would seem prudent to examine a place where the Christians already are and see what has been happening. By some strange coincidence, such a place starts right outside my front door.

And what is happening? Nothing.

Oh, yeah, we passed that anti-gay-marriage referendum. Big whoop. Same-sex marriage was already illegal in this state. Abortion? Nothing going on. Gambling? Established a state lottery, of all things. Prohibition? Still county option. Divorce? Still among the highest rates in the country. Desperate attempts at censorship? Dead issue.

I suppose you could find yourself stifled by the atmosphere, if your idea of communication involves needles, but I assure you, I've been here thirty years, and very seldom have I felt the Overly Churchy breathing down my neck. Then again, I haven't been indoctrinated to despise them in the manner approved by the social arbiters of Blueworld, either.

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