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4 November 2004

Title of the week

Susan B. at LilacRose channels Cash Flagg Ray Dennis Steckler:

The Incredibly Strange Liberals Who Stopped Thinking and Became Mixed-Up Moonbats*

Yeah, I know a few of those too.

Point of order: being on the left side of the spectrum does not, ipso facto, make someone a barking moonbat. I've known too many counterexamples personally to believe that particular slander. On the other hand, the putative Reality-Based Community takes an awful lot of things on, well, faith.

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A barking moonbat is not simply someone who resides on the left side of the aisle. A barking moonbat is a moonbat who, well, barks.

Ya knows 'em when ya sees 'em.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:46 AM on 4 November 2004

Hi Charles,

Thanks for the link! :-) Thankfully, most liberals have not turned into moonbats. It's just those who have seem to "bark" the loudest right now.

Posted by: susan b. at 9:49 AM on 4 November 2004

I've yet to hear from anyone referring to themselves as "Reality-Based" who wasn't in desperate need of a map, compass, GPS device, and a clue as to where reality might be found. For that matter, the vast majority could quite obviously benefit from a regular course of thorazine and a few dozen hours of ECT.

BTW... You, left? For Oklahoma, maybe, but compared to the Cambridge liberals I sometimes have to deal with you're so far to the right you'd need a good telescope just to see 'em.

Of course Fidel Castro is also substantially to their right, so I'm not really sure how much that means...


Posted by: Myria at 11:05 AM on 4 November 2004

<Jeff Foxworthy>

When all the voices in your head ever say is "Are you NUTS!??" -- you might be a moonbat.

</Jeff Foxworthy>

Posted by: McGehee at 12:12 PM on 4 November 2004