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3 November 2004

A price far above rubies

Actually, I haven't priced any rubies lately, but work with me here.

Here in the oil patch, the price of crude is always a topic of discussion, and with the price hovering in the low $50s of late, and gas prices running $1.85 per gallon around town, speculation as to what will happen at the pump next week is always rampant. And at some point in today's speculation, we wandered off-topic to the question of More Expensive Liquids, of which the most expensive, of course, can be found in the cartridges of your inkjet printer.

The common comparison, of course, is with Dom Perignon, but since not even The Donald buys Dom in 42-gallon barrels, we decided to do the math one more time. An HP 56 cartridge (black) for the DeskJet I use at work runs $35 and contains 19 ml; one liter of the stuff 52.6 cartridges full comes to $1842. Multiply by 159.05 liters per barrel, and you're looking at $292,900 for a barrel of ink.

The plastic shells? Well, I send those back to HP for recycling, so I figured it was easier to take them out of the equation, but surely they cost something.

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Charles finds that the price of HP ink is a price far above rubies. Noting that crude is currently hovering around $50 per barrel, he extends the price of a HP ink-jet cartridge ($35 per pop) and finds it runs $292,000 per barrel. For other liquids and......[read more]

Your title makes me wonder how much Ruby DOES charge???

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 2:12 PM on 3 November 2004

I have no idea. I wasn't aware she was taking her love to town.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:15 PM on 3 November 2004