The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

24 October 2004

The G spots

James Inhofe (R-OK) got to the Senate in 1994 on a platform of, in his words, "God, gays and guns," a phrase which has since become unofficial shorthand for the alleged motivations of the Oklahoma electorate. And on the off-chance that he was actually right, something that happens less often than you'd like with Inhofe, 2004 should be two-thirds of a banner year at the polls.

With no fewer than three State Questions on gambling, and a fourth dealing with Demon Tobacco, those with a mind to stamp out vice will have plenty to do on November's ballot. What's more, there's a referendum on same-sex marriage. I think it's a safe bet that the God and Gays segments will be present and accounted for.

Guns, however, have turned into a non-issue. The National Rifle Association sent along a copy of its Oklahoma Voter Guide you can read it here and while they note elsewhere that the Democrats have a faux sportsman at the top of the ticket, once you get down to the state level there's not a lot of difference in the candidates. Both Brad Carson and Tom Coburn picked up A ratings from the NRA, as did all the major House candidates except Bert Smith in District 5, who didn't return the questionnaire. In the state legislature, there are very few incumbents or challengers in either party who scored as low as a C. I interpret this as a simple statement: "We like our guns, now leave us the hell alone."

Still, even with guns off the table, turnout, I think, will be tremendous.

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