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15 October 2004

No bag limit on weasels

John Kerry wants you to know that he is a hunter.

Someone ought to ask him stuff like this at a campaign stop:

  • What is the fee for a hunting license in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?

  • When is black bear season?

  • What is the bag limit for ruffed grouse?

(Answers are here and here; second link requires Adobe Reader.)

Posted at 1:10 PM to Political Science Fiction

"Look at the grouse! Look at the grouse!"

Charles, don't let me down -- please tell me that you know where that phrase comes from.

Posted by: David at 9:27 PM on 15 October 2004

Well, of course. (Nyuk nyuk nyuk.)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:34 PM on 15 October 2004