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12 October 2004

Sunday will never be the same

Everything I've read and heard tells me that John Kerry takes his religious faith seriously; he has, to be sure, some substantial differences with official Catholic doctrine, but I'm not inclined to accuse him of apostasy.

Still, Kerry's appearance at a predominantly-black Baptist church in Miami strikes me as at least somewhat cynical. As Susanna Cornett notes:

What do you think the Democrat party would do if Bush started showing up in churches all over Michigan, handing out Bush/Cheney signs and denouncing Kerry from the pulpit? You think suddenly the separation of church and state would become a hot issue? You know it would. Bush already is decried as the Evil Frothy-Mouthed Religious Freak by demonizing Dems because he lives his faith. So why aren't John Kerry and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton called into account for pulpit stump speeches?

And "demonizing" is an important word here, says John Rosenberg:

There have been frequent laments about the increasing harshness of those who "demonize the opposition," but this is usually simply a figure of speech. But in that Miami church it became literally true, through the good offices of Rep. Carrie Meeks (D, Fla.), who declared that Kerry is "fighting against liars and demons."

There is, I submit, froth on both sides of the aisle.

(Update, 13 October, 7:30 am: La Shawn Barber looks at Kerry's pulpit pitch from a Biblical point of view.)

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There is, I submit, froth on both sides of the aisle.

True enough, but how many Democratic campaign offices this year have been shot into, invaded by force, or burglarized?

It's not always possible to distinguish between rhetorical demonization and the consequences that sometimes -- not always, but sometimes -- follow.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:43 AM on 12 October 2004

I'm surprised they're not pitching it as payback for Watergate in 1972. :)

There have been a few reports of people losing their Kerry/Edwards signs to presumably-angry Bushniks, but nothing to compare with, say, the Knoxville incident.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:12 AM on 12 October 2004

Thanks for link. I've taken another whack at how Kerry is influenced by what he describes as an "article of faith," which I then compare to how regards acting on national interest:

Posted by: John Rosenberg at 9:44 PM on 12 October 2004