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1 October 2004

Meanwhile at the debate shop

In 1960, radio listeners thought that Richard M. Nixon had won his debate with John F. Kennedy; the television audience, however, came down firmly on JFK's side. With this in mind, I left the TV off last night and listened to the debate on the radio.

Like most of blogdom, I didn't see hear a clear winner. Senator Kerry, I thought, did manage to turn the Smug knob down a notch or two, which surely helped. Neither candidate was operating at maximum eloquence level, though the President seemed to improve as time went on. And my mind wasn't changed: despite some serious fumbles along the way so far, I still prefer the Bush doctrine of preemption over Kerry's let's-not-make-anyone-mad approach. To swipe a line from Dave at Garfield Ridge: "One man spoke gibberish, but has a clear stance. The other man spoke clearly, but his stance is gibberish."

There is, of course, a lot more gibbering to come.

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The Commissar e-mails to say "Kerry on points, but he needed a knockout." RLS agrees: "Kerry has drawn no blood tonight and he is the one who had to." More to come as people weigh in. If you want your......[read more]

Explain then why every single poll online is showing Kerry the clear winner of the debate and by large margins at that?

Posted by: ms7168 at 10:25 AM on 1 October 2004

The CNN/USAToday/Gallup Poll at says that Kerrys wins. However, . . .

"By narrow margins Bush came out better on believability, likability and toughness.

But there was virtually no change among those polled on which candidate would handle Iraq better or make a better commander in chief, with Bush maintaining a double-digit advantage on both issues."


Posted by: Dull at 10:45 AM on 1 October 2004

I can't explain anyone's reaction to the debate except my own. I suspect that Kerry came off better on television than he usually does; I did note that he'd managed to shake off his usual mode of condescension. Remember, I listened to the radio rather than watch the tube.

So it came down to the Debater versus the Poker Player, and if you've ever watched TV coverage of a poker game, it should be no surprise that Kerry looked good. And the real question did he win over any voters? still isn't answered definitively no matter how many people say he won the debate; Kerry isn't picking up much of a bounce so far.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:54 AM on 1 October 2004

Ms, it couldn't be because the DNC put out a global action briefing right before the debate with links to those online polls, could it?

Besides, what does an online poll matter?

Posted by: Dan at 1:08 PM on 1 October 2004