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27 September 2004

No dice, son, you gotta pick these

If I seem to be bringing up third-party candidates rather a lot these days, it's simply because I continue to be frustrated by this state's tacit insistence that there is D, and there is R, and that nothing else matters.

Says J. M. Branum, an Oklahoma Green:

Given the current state of our election laws, independent and third-party minded Oklahoma voters are given few choices this fall. We can either hold our nose and vote for the "lesser of two evils" or we can refrain from voting.

Which is the idea behind None Of The Above: to refrain, but in an organized manner.

To vote NOTA go to your regular polling place and ask for a ballot. Vote on the state and local candidates and measures that you want to, but leave the Presidential campaign ballot line BLANK and then turn in your ballot.

On November 3rd, we can then go to the Oklahoma State Election Board and get the record of the number of "undervotes" (the number of ballots cast for which the voter did not vote for President).

If this number is substantial, it might suggest to the Legislature that our existing ballot-access laws are effectively disenfranchising a large number of voters.

And if you read this and think "I'd just be throwing my vote away," well, if you can't stand the thought of four years of Kerry or four more years of Bush, why would you vote for either?

"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice." Rush, "Free Will"

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It is rare that some states talk about democracy but do not practice it.

Posted by: Roberto Alvarez at 5:33 AM on 29 September 2004

Thanks for helping us get out the word on the NOTA campaign.

Posted by: J. M. Branum at 7:26 PM on 3 October 2004

Well, I won't be on the ballot this year, but I continue on to 2006. I agree and endorse your suggestion to boycott the Presidential ballot this year. I am also going to boycott the 5th Congressional District race. I am also reluctant to vote for Tom Coburn so I may skip ALL the federal offices this year. But I will vote for or against at one state question, at least.

I support NOTA as a reform provision in a new election law in the next session of the State legislature.

Posted by: D Frank Robinson at 12:46 AM on 6 October 2004