The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

22 September 2004

No longer keeping it reel

Robb Hibbard has had it up to here with his nonpower mower:

I'm a non-Green Green no more. The next time I mow a yard the action will be accompanied with the gasoline fumes and the mangled, long-forgotten toys and other detritus spitting from the discharge chute and the angry looks of neighbors whose quiet summer evening I've spoiled via my motorized grass ripper.

It's time I joined the rest of a saner humanity in wearing shoes while doing yard work; in polluting the Earth for the sake of a yard that meets, at the very least, the aesthetic minimum.

I have two rules that serve me in meeting said aesthetic minimum:

  1. Do not have the best yard on the block.

  2. Do not have the worst yard on the block.

This year, I believe I met these requirements for all but six or seven days of the mowing season, largely because my power mower spent ten days in the shop.

And Robb, two words: "sport sandals." Excellent for this sort of thing.

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