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21 September 2004

Put on your high-heeled sneakers

Dawn Eden doesn't have much nice to say about Sex and the City, and given her priorities in life, there's no reason she should.

Still, the former HBO series did have some impact on popular culture, to the extent that it's had some small but measurable effect on women's shoes, pushing them a notch or two in the direction of sheer frivolity. Not that I'm inclined to complain I get to look, I don't have to wear but the laws of physics sooner or later will overrule the demands of fashion.

Much later, if you're Syaffolee:

I wear running shoes approximately 99.9% of the time that I am wearing shoes.

There's a lot to be said for stability.

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Amazingly, some three centuries since King Louis XIV of France invented the high heel, people still don't understand the concept.

High heels are not for walking in. High heels are for sitting in.

The high-heel-wearing woman must cultivate the fine art of enticing the menfolk into fetching and carrying for her. Her heels are intended to assist in this enterprise. Beverages and finger foods should come to her, not she to them. She should almost never attempt even to cross a large room without support from the arm of an attentive man. If her husband is the only man available, well, she'll just have to make do.

There are women who opine that high heels -- some of them, anyway -- are for lying down in, on a nice soft surface, while receiving male attentions of a type we will not elaborate on here, but this is considered an advanced application that requires considerable practice.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 4:37 PM on 21 September 2004