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14 September 2004

Truth in advertising

It was Sinclair Broadcasting's NewsCentral that got it first: from the archives of the Navy, they obtained the After-Action Report written by Lt. (jg) John Kerry after the incident for which Kerry won a Silver Star.

Jim at It'z News to Me caught it first on WBFF-TV, the Fox station in Baltimore, Sinclair's hometown. (I caught a replay on Oklahoma City's Fox station, KOKH-TV.) Jim has links to the complete NewsCentral report.

And Captain Ed, who knows more about these things than I do, reads and concludes:

When you look at the action on the spot report, it reflects well on the young Lieutenant Kerry. Although it's difficult to see how this action should have resulted in a Silver Star, it would seem a commendation of some sort would be appropriate. It's all of the exaggeration, lies, and paperwork alterations after the fact that calls Kerry's character into serious question.

Given the tendency of some of us to think the worst of John Kerry no matter what a tendency Kerry and his campaign handlers have encouraged in recent months it's something of a relief to hear that there was in fact a time when his instincts were sound and functional.

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Even a clock is right twice a day...

Posted by: sheila rene at 6:22 PM on 14 September 2004

And I'm sure Ronald Reagan could remember everything at one time..

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 11:31 PM on 14 September 2004

Back then, he had people on the payroll to remind him.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:34 AM on 15 September 2004