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10 September 2004


Well, that was fun.

So far as I know, keeping in mind that I wasn't awake for any of the important stuff O Twenty-first Century Anesthesia, how wonderful thou art things went according to plan. There were, however, a few moments of serious disconcert:

  • While dragging myself out of bed this morning, I was beset with the worst possible earworm: Men at Work, "Down Under."
  • "We now ask for a deposit, even from our patients with insurance." I hasten to add, they weren't adamant about it, and they probably would have let me slide.
  • The anesthesiologist bore entirely too close a resemblance to Harry Dean Stanton.
  • The clocks were right when I arrived, but didn't feel compelled to remain so: I watched in utter confusion as thirty-five minutes, per the clock in my prep area, passed in a matter of seconds.
  • Some of these nursing types are entirely too attractive.

This is petty quibbling, though. I left here around 8:30 and was back home by three, which isn't bad at all. I thank all of you who expressed kindly thoughts, prayers, or calls for good karma on my behalf.

Posted at 5:17 PM to General Disinterest

Charles, glad to hear things went well, and thanks for not keeping us all in suspense for too long.

Posted by: Michael Bates at 5:39 PM on 10 September 2004

Thanks for keeping us up to date. And commenting!

Hope you're back on your bottom soon.

Posted by: Dan & Angi at 11:14 PM on 10 September 2004

with the sturm und drang of the blogosphere, it can be easy to overlook that every site is created by a human being, who suffers from all the frailties of the human condition. please accept my best wishes on a swift return to normalcy.

i hope you got the number for some of those nursing types too ;)

Posted by: rammer at 8:35 AM on 11 September 2004

I'm still afraid to ask what the problem was, so I'll just say that I'm glad it went okay. :)

Posted by: Erica at 1:52 AM on 13 September 2004