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7 September 2004

Dickie the jinx

Move over, Red Sox; chin up, Sports Illustrated. You want to see a real jinx in action, look to an undisclosed location near Washington, and heed the words of T. D. Allman in Rolling Stone:

Should George W. Bush win this election, it will give him the distinction of being the first occupant of the White House to have survived naming Dick Cheney to a post in his administration. The Cheney jinx first manifested itself at the presidential level back in 1969, when Richard Nixon appointed him to his first job in the executive branch. It surfaced again in 1975, when Gerald Ford made Cheney his chief of staff and then with Cheney's help lost the 1976 election. George H.W. Bush, having named Cheney secretary of defense, was defeated for re-election in 1992. The ever-canny Ronald Reagan was the only Republican president since Eisenhower who managed to serve two full terms. He is also the only one not to have appointed Dick Cheney to office.

It seems unclear how the John Kerry campaign can capitalize on this situation.

(Via Ken Layne)

Posted at 10:47 AM to Political Science Fiction

Ah, but you see, Cheney was never the power behind the throne in those administrations. He was always overshadowed either by Kissinger or James A. Baker III.

Posted by: McGehee at 11:16 AM on 7 September 2004

"Power behind the throne?" grumbled Karl Rove. "What am I, chopped liver?"

Posted by: CGHill at 12:26 PM on 7 September 2004

T.D. Allman should name his blog The Voodoo Pundit.

Posted by: Interested-Participant at 9:12 PM on 7 September 2004

And what is Bob Shrum's record as a campaign manager? Have any of his employers even gotten into office in the first place? I beleive the answer is no, but am open to correction.

Which jinx would be harder to shake, I wonder?

Posted by: Dodd at 11:09 PM on 7 September 2004