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3 September 2004

What is your major wardrobe malfunction?

From Heather and Jessica at Dancing Brave:

We're just sad to see Beyoncé wearing hot pants that make her legs look like tree trunks, because we like that she's curvy and we think she has major sexy potential, if only she'd lengthen her hemlines just a tad. We're sad to see people wearing stuff that looks horrible, simply because it has a particular label affixed to the inside. We're sad that little girls are going to look at Britney and think it's okay to wear a skirt that's dropping off your ass, exposing your underwear and your pubic tattoo. In essence, we're sad that naturally pretty people find ways to fug up what nature's given them.

Not that any of these people are likely to be sent to Style Court.

I mean, I like a bit of razzle-dazzle here and there, especially there, but any outfit that invites the question "What was this person thinking?" is by definition the wrong outfit.

Posted at 9:17 AM to Rag Trade

I'm sure it has to be the fact that somehow I can make myself wear biker shorts.


Posted by: hln at 12:07 PM on 3 September 2004

Yeah, but you've got that whole "sultry" thing going on, which compensates for a great deal. Britney couldn't be sultry if you spotted her two quarts of pheromones and a dollop of actual selectivity.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:34 PM on 3 September 2004

Britney is definitely not sultry. Britney is trashy, but not in that cute, sassy, like-that-Redneck-Gal-song trashy; she's just plain, sad, washed-up trashy. Two years from now Drudge will have a jpeg of her at the 7-11 in Haines City buying lotto tickets. She'll have a Camel hanging out of the side of her mouth and that leather tan women who drink beer on the steps of their mobile homes get.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 10:18 PM on 3 September 2004

Don't care about what Britney or Beyonce' wears or doesn't wear, but Garofalo needs to fix herself. Dayum.

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 4:22 PM on 4 September 2004