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2 September 2004

GLBT and sometimes Y

Bryan at Spare Change offers this take on recent outings and what they may mean:

The [Ed] Schrock and [Jim] McGreevey stories are interesting because they were men who allegedly portrayed themselves to be of one mindset when they were actually of another. In these circumstances, their duplicity was worthy of the attention that they garnered when the revelations were made public. That said, I believe that Americans have the right to elect whoever they want. If an openly gay person runs for public office and manages to win the election, so be it. We all have to decide what issues matter the most to us, as well was which personal issues are most directly relevant to a leader's ability to do the job of representing the constituency.

And while I'm personally very conservative, I would never tell a homosexual person that their vote isn't wanted nor appreciated. It seems to me like every vote is precious in this divisive day, and if a fiscally-conservative homosexual person believes in the Republican ideology, then their vote is welcome. It also seems a bit hypocritical that Republicans would tinkle in their britches over personalities like Schwarzenegger & Giuliani (a womanizer and adulterer, respectively, if memory serves), yet claim some moral indignation over the possibility that some like-minded homosexuals might be interested in making over our Big Tent with gold lamé and Mardi Gras beads (I don't know if that's what they'd do, but it seemed gay when I typed it, so there you go).

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The Log Cabin Republicans have a slogan: "Inclusion wins." And if certain elements within the GOP might feel an involuntary tightening of the sphincter, well, that's too bad. God knows I have to put up with a great deal of weirdness over here on the Democratic side of the aisle. Color me inconstant that's a neutral shade, right? but I'd much rather deal with, say, a gay gun buff, than with a straight fellow whose disarming manner turns out to be literally so.

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As long as the gay-types are patriotic, pro-life,
anti-tax and yearn for a strong defense...suits me
It'd be nice if they were Christian, [that would seem to be a bit contrary], their support and votes are appreciated. However if they eschew the aforementioned....and act like the NAMBLA turds then I say Faggots and cast them out.

Posted by: paulsmos at 7:08 AM on 3 September 2004