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2 September 2004

The Brad and Zell Show

Zell Miller, says Michael Crowley in Slate, has become a "cartoonish GOP partisan." John Rosenberg, noting the proliferation of "fake" or "in name only" tags that have been attached to members of both major parties, objects:

To say that Zell Miller is a "fake" Democrat, despite his refusal to change parties, is to say that people with his views are not welcome in the Democratic party. Has Crowley checked out Brad Carson, who's running for the Senate in Oklahoma on a platform that one would be hard-pressed to distinguish from mainstream or even conservative Republicanism. If Miller is a "fake," shouldn't Carson change parties?

The American Conservative Union rates Carson's previous three years in the House at 42, which is to the right of most Democrats but nowhere near the median for Republicans. On the other side, Americans for Democratic Action rates Carson at 65, well below the middle-80s garnered by most Democrats over the past three years, but way above the single digits typically awarded to House Republicans. (Over the same three-year period, Zell Miller gets 25 from the ADA and 65 from the ACU.)

Which, to these jaundiced eyes anyway, makes Brad Carson something of a centrist. Certainly he's a few ticks to the left of the rest of Oklahoma's Congressional delegation, a solidly right-wing bunch; and given the state Democratic party's claim to being "squarely in the center of the political spectrum," he's got no reason to depart for the GOP camp.

Still, this is a conservative sort of place: George W. Bush got 60 percent of the popular vote here in 2000, even though fewer than 40 percent of Oklahoma voters are registered as Republicans [link requires Adobe Reader]. Zell Miller-style Democrats may seem bizarre to some blue-state folks, but they'd fit right into the Soonerland mix.

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I don't mind the "-in-name-only" tags, as long as they're used equitably. Jumpin' Jim Jeffords was a RINO before he jumped. Zell MIller is a DINO who never will jump. Being a Republican myself I reserve the right to hold different opinions of RINOs and DINOs -- as Democrats have the very same right -- but I'll make every effort to award the tags fairly.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:23 AM on 2 September 2004

Interesting thoughts.

Posted by: yaoi at 12:00 PM on 25 September 2004