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29 August 2004

Whip it good

Professor Quincy Adams Wagstaff, making a possibly-idle threat:

I'd horsewhip you if I had a horse.

Laura Riccio thinks that even if we don't have a horse, we have reasons to bring out the whips:

I'd guess most would think it barbaric, and in a way it is, I suppose. However, I think we underestimate the barbaricity of the alternative that seems to be our society's replacement punishment for such crimes. Incarceration itself, of course, is also not pleasant to endure, especially for prolonged periods (i.e., more than "until you calm down", as parents are fond of saying), and I think it would take a bit of argument to justify the proposition that, say, a year in prison is any less cruel than thirty lashes.

And that's not the only selling point, either:

It would cost us, as a society, far far less to administer than long-term incarceration. I haven't priced horsewhips lately, but I bet they're well under $35,000 per thirty lashes.

Easily. I say, let's do it in memory of Groucho.

Posted at 2:40 PM to Almost Yogurt

Hail Freedonia!! err....that is not a bad idea. Though my better half is willing to take things a step further, and where horeswhips are just not enough, public hangings might also be in order. I would see both as a savings to the taxpayer. But than again I would also like to see prisons where tv of any sort is at best something you get to see along with your last meal and that is it. A prison library is the only thing you will have (aside from some sort of work program) to spend your time with. and four grey walls are your constant companion. The savings from eleminating all the *creature comforts* couldn't hurt either.

But yeah, horsewhippings....has a *Snap* to it that just sounds right.

Posted by: Guy S. at 4:30 PM on 29 August 2004

Robert Heinlein thought public floggings would work. He touted them as being a very efficient method of "attitude adjustment".

Posted by: unimpressed at 9:24 PM on 29 August 2004

Flogging scars would also be less offensive to me than the "style" of wearing your trousers off your hips with four or better inches of boxers showing.

Posted by: unimpressed at 9:26 PM on 29 August 2004

Then, there's this:

for the workplace.

Posted by: unimpressed at 9:27 PM on 29 August 2004

What is this "barbaricity" of which she speaks? What happened to good old-fashioned barbarity, or barberousness? Yes, "barbaricity" comes when Googled, but I aver it is not a word, nor a pretty one.

The illustrious Norman Newell of Columbia University and the American Museum of Natural History once opined in print something to the effect of "calling a shovel a geotome does not make it any sharper." Go ahead, Google his name. I dare you.

Posted by: vic at 4:05 PM on 30 August 2004

"Barbaricity" is either the state or condition of being Barbara, or a place where one can buy retail quantities of barbiturates. I think. It's not really clear from the context. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 4:25 PM on 30 August 2004