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28 August 2004

Potter lacks the flavor

The J. C. Potter Sausage Company of Durant, Oklahoma, which to me has always set the standard for pork products you'd rather not see in actual production, has bastardized its otherwise-excellent product line by adding get this a "CarbSmart" sausage biscuit at 7g "net carbs" per.

Even assuming that net carbs actually mean anything, an assumption I'm not prepared to make, this is just wrong. Nutrition experts of the Nanny State of course condemn stuff like sausage biscuits, as they do anything you're actually inclined to enjoy eating, and one should probably not make a habit of having these things for breakfast day after day, but one or two a week is well below a lethal dose, and screwing around with a perfectly-good product just to appeal to government bean counters and fad-diet carb counters is, in my view, a lose-lose situation.

Besides, these things, when prepared according to the package instructions, taste like a sponge that's been used to clean out a grease trap. And to add insult to injury, the price was 60 cents per box more than the standard variety, which for some inscrutable reason was sold out.

It had to be the corporate office in Chicagoland; nobody in a place like Durant, Oklahoma would ever come up with an idea this lame. For food, anyway.

Posted at 11:20 AM to Worth a Fork

"net carbs" has replaced plain old "carb" as my most hated word or phrase. When will they realize that replacing wheat with fiber may lower the "net carbs" but also makes things taste like ... well, fiber.

Posted by: Tom at 12:39 PM on 28 August 2004

How many carbs does a net have, anyway? I thought they were all fiber.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:43 PM on 28 August 2004