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27 August 2004

From bad to worse

Francis W. Porretto reviews the last forty years of Democratic presidential candidates, and shudders to imagine what might be next.

Far be it from me to attempt to complete his thoughts, but surely 2008 will be a step in the right direction, if only because it's difficult to imagine how things could get much worse. (Hillary, you say? Well, she has her faults, not to mention the Big He always trying to burst out of the shadows he so justly earned, but there's no way on God's green earth she'd conduct a campaign as ineptly as John Kerry.)

I should also point out that I voted for five of the candidates he lambastes.

Posted at 1:53 PM to Political Science Fiction

Well, Charles, for all Hillary!'s low cunning, she probably wouldn't have been able to defeat Rudy Giuliani, and hasn't really displayed a talent for appealing to persons outside her "base." So it's not yet clear that she has her husband's political savvy. And give Bill Clinton that much: he might have been a deceitful, faithless SOB, but he played the game as well as anyone since World War II.

Hm. He just might run her campaign, mightn't he? For services rendered and so forth. What would her prospects be then? Oh, my, look at the time! I'm way late for my first very big drink. Excusez-moi.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 2:24 PM on 27 August 2004

Another thing she doesn't have, that her partner in crime did (and in spades) was charisma. She may very well have the hype and marketing. She should be able to get the political savvy from the "Stainmeister". But in the end...

What is perhaps a bigger concern. Who are the Republicans going to run against her? What big names/big guns are waiting in the wings?

I don't see Dole doing it (she never had the ummph in my opinion, tho I admired her, and would have given her serious consideration.). I don't see Powell running, his family, as he has admited publicly, is (or at least was) not in favor of him doing so. And I think he has alienated the conservative base of the party (though I could be wrong about that). I would like to see Dr. Rice go for it. But does she have the stomach for such a fight? Kemp? Was not that sucessful in the past (much like Mrs. Dole) So who's left? Chaney is not (at least in the voters eyes) physically up to the task. Wanna long shot? Rumsfeld/Guliani (or vice versa). Or perhaps substitute Rice for Rumsfeld.

Posted by: Guy S. at 4:20 PM on 29 August 2004