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16 August 2004

Mending fences in Trenton

The Universal Donor points out that it's not like this is the first time there's been a case of adultery in the Tri-State Area:

Turns out that despite the happy family image [Governor McGreevey] projected for most of his career, things weren't all tea and crumpets in Trenton. More hypocrisy from politicians! Will it never end? Still, didn't Rudy Giuliani cheat on his wife, too?

And you didn't see Rudy quitting his job over it, either:

He stuck around and didn't even really seem ashamed, saying things like "What, you don't like my new girlfriend? Why don't you come on down to the Bowery... we'll settle this old school, with a couple spaldeens and a brickbat. You hold the spaldeens and I'll bash your face with the bat!"

[Expletive deleted for reasons of, well, um, people looking over my shoulder.]

How likely is it that McGreevey could pull that off? Not very. So:

McGreevey shouldn't retire. He should apologize, buy New Jersey a box of penis-shaped chocolates, and let's all agree to move on. And I think that if he sang his apology [to] us, up here on our balcony, we'd be his forever.

Somehow I can't imagine the Barista or the Prop warming to this.

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