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12 August 2004

The Stepford waifs

If you're going to dress like this, you should probably not be in front of Lynn at the video store:

The first thing I noticed the thing I would have very much preferred not to have noticed was her sky blue, meant-to-be-seen underpants with hearts and the word "cutie" repeated around the waistband. Waistband isn't really an accurate term in this case because the top edge of the underwear was nowhere near the girl's waist. Over that garment or perhaps I should say "below," as it was mostly below she was wearing baggy, plaid pants that looked like men's pajama bottoms. These pajamas exposed the top two or three inches of the underwear, hanging precariously on her thin, straight hips as if by magic or perhaps they were sewn to the underwear. I don't know how else they could possibly have stayed up. To top it all off she had a thin white knit camisole and I thanked my lucky stars that I was behind her the whole time because I did not detect anything underneath, although, to judge by the rest of her, she probably didn't have anything to put in the appropriate topside undergarment if she had had one.

As far as this visible-underwear business goes, while I suppose I should appreciate a peek at something I have no reason to expect to see on a regular basis, there's still Lileks' Law of Lingerie, which I've invoked before:

It is not normal clothing. It exists for one purpose: to be, eventually, visible for a very short time. If it is visible for a very long time and I am trying to be delicate about this then it is not doing its job.

Some people simply ask too much of their underwear.

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As a youngster, the fashion was to wear boxers with cutoff shorts, so that the bottoms of the underwear protruded from the legs of the shorts. It's just a passing fad, and every generation does their thing to be different.

The first time I saw the camisole topper though, it was startling.

Posted by: Ted at 3:23 PM on 13 August 2004