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8 August 2004

JFK version 2.0

Hint: it's not an upgrade.

Andrea Harris isn't pleased with this product either:

I can't believe this is the best candidate the Dems could come up with. He makes Clinton look like a shining knight in comparison at least Clinton had the balls to actually dodge the draft instead of mincing through what read to me like four inept months of scratch-tending and grunt-bothering, and then coming home to grandstand against the war for political gain. Then again, maybe that's all part of the Plan: the Plan to make Clinton look so attractive by comparison that we'll all fall for Hillary when she runs in 2008 just so we can have the Big He hanging around the White House again.

For a couple of putative backwoods Arkansawyers, Bill 'n Hill seem awfully well-versed in all things Machiavellian.

Then again, John Kerry did get three Purple Hearts. Just ask him.

Posted at 11:31 AM to Political Science Fiction

wow. we're still harboring under the illusion the the Clintons control the universe?

aacckk... here come the black helicopters!!!


But wait, wasnt the plan to swoop in at a contested Democratic convention and secure the nomination for evil queen Hillary?

I lose track of the whacky right wing conspiracy theories.

Did you know that Kerry knew he would be running for president 30 years ago and staged photo ops for use in his campaigns? Or maybe he used the Clinton's time machine?

Posted by: bruce at 12:56 PM on 8 August 2004

Hillary couldn't have beaten Dubya this year, Bruce. As a freshman senator with no accomplishments, and her husband only four years out of the White House, she would unnerve the electorate too much to grasp the Big Prize.

Which is one of the major reasons for the Democrats' nomination of John Kerry. He's a placeholder candidate, who serves several purposes:

1. They have to run somebody.
2. He gives the Northeastern Kennedy Liberals one last, longshot chance at the White House, just to pacify the toothless Lion of Hyannisport.
3. After Kerry loses -- which he will, and by a large margin at that -- the Clinton / McAuliffe centrists will be able to say that the Northeastern Liberals have grown moribund, and that the "centrists / pragmatists" ought to get the reins. They'll be granted their turn at bat with Hillary, who'll be odds-on against the GOP's unseasoned offering.

Conspiracy? It depends on whether something happening in plain sight, well known and well understood by anyone in touch with Democratic Party internal politics, can be called conspiracy.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 3:35 PM on 8 August 2004

Wow, you proved me wrong. I haven't seen that a counter arguement that finely constructed since the last time I debated a seventh day adventist that insisted that catholics worshipped on the wrong day and were thus, satan's henchmen.

I'll grant you that there is a struggle within the democratic party between more left leaning liberals and the corporate-friendly new democrats. I just find it hard to believe that they are sacrificing Kerry up to an invincible Bush in some planned manuever to get Hillary in the WH in 2008.

Outside of the Cult of Bush there are many people that seem to think Bush should NOT be re-elected. In fact, if you reject the entire fictionalized image of Bush as "war leader" and look into his presidency you don't find much worth supporting.

My Pet Goat '04

Posted by: bruce at 10:42 PM on 8 August 2004

In fact, if you reject the entire fictionalized image of Bush as "war leader" and look into his presidency you don't find much worth supporting.

You just keep telling yourself that, brucie.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:30 AM on 9 August 2004

Oh for god's sake, Bruce, I was being sarcastic. You can come down from the ceiling now. Or your high horse. Whatever.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 8:53 AM on 10 August 2004