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31 July 2004

An equal-opportunity employer

Which does not, incidentally, describe the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, apparently.

These days, assuring that one does not discriminate almost demands proportional employment by race. The EEOC, curiously, seems to be 46.4 percent black, six times its own quota guidelines for nonfederal workers.

La Shawn Barber would like to know:

Are these government bean counters trying to achieve the magic number of skin colors and genders (excluding white males) so as to create perfect harmony? Good luck with all that. Not happening on this planet.

Not that I, one of those excludable white males I have Hispanics and Arabs on my family tree, but, well, you know how it is particularly want to work for the EEOC; moving from a job which is largely irrelevant to the human condition to one which, in my view, actively seeks to worsen it, is not my idea of good career progression.

Posted at 7:41 PM to Political Science Fiction

Sounds like a motto to me. "The EEOC - Worsening the human condition day by day."

Posted by: Interested-Participant at 9:14 PM on 31 July 2004

"Are you better off because of the EEOC? Who cares?"

Posted by: McGehee at 3:35 PM on 1 August 2004