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29 July 2004

Wipe that Lear off your face

Jay Tea over at Wizbang! has a tale to tell, a story of sisters, an examination of the sources of power, and, as he says, any resemblance to anybody you'd be likely to recognize is "purely coincidental."

(Cordelia's plight, I thought, was rather sad, though I tend to think that Goneril's frustrations were at least partially self-inflicted.)

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Thanks for the linkage! And by the way, you're the only one so far to pick up on the origins of the sisters' names. It actually fit rather well until I decided I wanted to include a fourth sister. I went NUTS trying to find four sisters, and ended up just grabbing Prospero's daughter to fill out the quartet. It was kind of a shame, because it worked out rather well before I included Miranda.


Posted by: Jay Tea at 2:05 PM on 29 July 2004