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28 July 2004

Primary surprises

Turnout seemed pretty good at 5 pm, I was the 641st voter in my precinct and I figured things were going to be close.

Some of them were. John Morgan slipped past Steve Harry for the Democratic nod for House District 87 by a margin of 99 votes. But on the GOP side, Trebor Worthen, despite having three opponents, won a majority and will not have to face a runoff.

The biggest shocker of the day, though, was Tom Coburn's utter dominance; it wasn't even close. With Brad Carson easily winning on the Democratic side, this sets up a Senate race between a former Representative and the man who succeeded him. (Coburn, you'll remember, took a vow to serve six years in the House, and duly left after his third term, leaving an opening which was filled by Carson.) Okiedoke's Mike calls it "a blow to Oklahoma's Republican Party elite," who had lined up behind former Oklahoma City Mayor Kirk Humphreys, a distant second.

Personal raw data:

Offices with candidates on the ballot: 3

Candidates for whom I voted who actually won: 1

Which is about average for me these days, really.

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Me too . . exactly. Must have had the same ballot :)

Posted by: ms7168 at 8:50 AM on 28 July 2004