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27 July 2004

Bragging rights

Michele is not impressed with Planned Parenthood's new "I Had an Abortion" T-shirt:

Like most who have already written about this shirt, I thought abortion was a privacy issue. Well, now you can proudly display your choice on a t shirt. How repulsive.

I wonder how proud the Kerry people are to have invited to speak at their gala a woman who represents the group selling t shirts with this saying?

And did the rep hand out any Emergency Contraception Pens?

This is just too perverse. Keeping abortion legal is one thing; transforming it into a lifestyle choice, of no more significance than one's preferred brand of deodorant, is something else entirely.

Dawn Eden points to I'm Not, whose FAQ page is pretty blatant:

[T]his site DOES tell the other side of the story, a story that the anti-choicers don't necessarily want women to hear that abortion, quite frankly, isn't that big a deal for many of us.

I suspect it's a bigger deal than they let on; otherwise, they wouldn't be so alarmed at the possibility that their, um, flexibility might be reduced.

(Update, 11:20 am: Allah is in the house and on the case with more T-shirt possibilities. Muchas gracias: Xrlq.)

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How come they don't come in men's sizes?

Posted by: Ravenwood at 2:42 PM on 27 July 2004

It's discrimination, I tell you.

Try this one.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:25 PM on 27 July 2004