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22 July 2004

Put the blame on me

My daughter's home has a single-car garage, most of which is given over to musical instruments; a single-width driveway; and two vehicles, one small, one not so small. Visitors, therefore, are on their own when looking for a place to park, and sometimes the path of least resistance is on the grass adjacent to the driveway.

One day after I depart, this happens:

The Independence City Council moved Tuesday to prohibit parking in yards.

While the city has a limited power to enforce the new law at this time, city officials say it's necessary to have the ordinance on the books.

Acting City Manager Robert Heacock talked about the change.

"I think it's important that the community make a statement," Heacock said. "Some residents feel ham-strung because there are people out there doing it, with four or five cars parked in the yard."

Then again, she can't park in my yard either. The Oklahoma City ordinance governing this district states the following:

Parking. Motor Vehicles; Motor Homes; Campers; Boats; Trailers and any other Wheeled Vehicles, Related Equipment and/or Attachments, Motorized or Non-Motorized, Operable or Inoperable, and/or any item(s) intended to be Transported thereon... Forward of the front building line, shall only park on a hard surface, described as a driveway made of concrete, asphalt or similar product, brick type pavers, natural stone or gravel.

Fortunately, my existing driveway is probably long enough to accommodate three vehicles of the sub-Leviathan class.

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Hello, I'm from your government and I'm here to help you.

Nuff said.


Posted by: Rich at 2:49 PM on 22 July 2004