The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

4 July 2004

Universal dystopia

Aesop wrote of a dog who had plopped himself down in a manger, making it impossible for the livestock to eat; in fact, the miserable son of a bitch growled and barked at any animal who dared approach. There was no discernible benefit to the dog, but he wasn't about to give up his position for anything.

"Totalitarian states," says Francis W. Porretto, "are implicitly doomed by their own rigidity." Aesop's dog, if he stayed indefinitely in the manger, would starve to death; something likely just as final and probably just as stupid awaits the SOBs running hellholes like Iran and North Korea.

But Porretto isn't through with this idea yet:

[S]uch a State, captained by sociopathic madmen, might have decided to take the whole world to Hell with it. Isn't a version of that what we're worried about in North Korea and Iran?

And what fresh Hell is this? See Porretto's short story The Last Ambassadors.

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