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26 June 2004

Bowing to the inevitable

Citadel's KSYY, formerly known as "The Spy," has given up their alt-alt-rock format in favor of something vaguely Tejano. Whether this will get them so much as a 1 share remains to be seen; they're still stuck in Kingfisher with the power of a couple of fluorescent bulbs.

Then again, with the Latino population growing and only two other stations broadcasting in Spanish (KZUE, an AM daytimer in El Reno, and KTUZ-FM, licensed to Okarche what is it with Canadian County, anyway?), maybe there's hope for them after all.

Posted at 8:48 AM to Overmodulation

Oh no :( Even though I'm not a huge fan of the music I liked the station. The presentation was great! Too bad they dumped it.

Posted by: ms7168 at 11:16 AM on 26 June 2004

I liked the station. I used to listen to the orignal Spy in Stillwater. I wish they would have marketed the station better. In the 18 months or so that I listened to it, I never saw a billboard, cable tv ad, nothing. I hope the format will pop up again somewhere, but if it couldn't survive in the OKC area, I don't know where it could.

Posted by: Curtis Haley at 10:08 PM on 26 June 2004

Yeah this is a real shame. I was pretty saddened yesterday at 4 pm when they switched over. I still remember that dark day in stillwater when they switched over to the hot mix format that they now have on that station. I am now in the process of buying a satellite tuner so I will have something worthwhile to listen too.

Posted by: Brad Brittain at 10:30 PM on 26 June 2004

I got an XM receiver yesterday. From what I've listened to so far, channels 43, 44, and 47 play some stuff you'd hear on the Spy. It's too bad it couldn't be just one station.

Posted by: Curtis Haley at 2:22 PM on 27 June 2004

Thanks for the kind comments about The Spy. We will miss all of you. Thanks for your support in our short (almost) 2 year run.

Posted by: Joel Roberts at 11:15 PM on 27 June 2004

Technically, KSYY and KTUZ are both licensed in Kingfisher County (Kingfisher and Okarche, respecitvely). KZUE is in Canadian County.

Posted by: Franklin at 1:04 PM on 28 June 2004

Point taken, and remind me to budget a few points for better maps. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:30 PM on 28 June 2004

I am very sad to see the spy go. we cant have any thing nice around her!!

Posted by: royce at 11:35 AM on 29 June 2004