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22 June 2004

Unclear on the concept

I don't know which is worse: the fact that Ben Domenech got comment-spammed by a candidate for Congress, or the fact that said comment-spam was as woefully inept as this:

Its time to Bring back the middle of the roaders,and I can do just that! Being a ceo who made a bottom line every day or be fired ,not promoted;I know how to run a balanced budget,and get tax relief where it belongs,the middle class and the poor.The minimum wage must be raised now,plus union negotiations must be part of NAFTA!Medicare must have a Drug Zhar to re-negotiate drug prices every year like is done at the Department of defense and every Drug Chain and Supermarket Drug Store now being done;that took losses in the pharmacies from the tripple didgets in the red to the tripple didgets in the black today.It can be done,and it must be done!

The offender is Dwight D. Leister, running for Arizona's 8th District. I've got a single "didget" for him.

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