The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

20 June 2004

Poindexter Freeway, 1 mile

The Democrats' American Jobs Plan wants to stop outsourcing by repealing tax breaks that encourage it, they say and plans to put two million people to work by "modernizing and rebuilding our infrastructure."

Ravenwood, noting that most outsourced positions are in IT, finds the notion of putting computer types to work building roads and such amusing:

No offense to computer workers (as I am one), but I'd rather not ride on a rail system welded together by some out of work poindexter. Perhaps I'm an old fashioned guy, but when I envision people in construction I picture big burly guys that whistle at women who walk by. For some reason pasty skinned computer nerds who haven't seen the sun since the latest computer worm hit the scene don't spring to mind.

We had some (not much) sunshine today, in fact.

I rather suspect, though, that the road contracts issued by this New WPA would specifically forbid whistling at women who walk by.

And anyway, the nerdiest of the nerds could just as easily be put to work dragging broadband into rural America, so that everyone in the nation can follow not-safe-for-work links from Fark.

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