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14 June 2004

The torture chambers of Kent County

Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE), on why he's making such a fuss over that "torture" memo:

There's a reason why we sign these treaties: to protect my son in the military. That's why we have these treaties, so when Americans are captured they are not tortured. That's the reason in case anybody forgets it.

You might infer from this that Senator Biden has a son in the military, and indeed he does: 1LT Joseph R. "Beau" Biden is serving in the Delaware National Guard as a judge advocate. Unless you think Delaware is some sort of hellhole, the likelihood that Beau Biden is going to be tortured is pretty low, and it doesn't increase much if he gets called up for Iraqi duty.

Still, the Senator's comments were apparently calculated to make people think that Beau was somehow in the line of fire, and indeed the senior Biden backpedaled slightly on Fox News Sunday yesterday:

I don't have a son in the Gulf. He hasn't been called yet.

Now did Biden think up this little deception himself, or did he rewrite someone else's?

(Via Michelle Malkin)

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Just out of curiosity, when has having these treaties ever prevented captured Americans from being tortured?


Posted by: Myria at 2:48 PM on 14 June 2004

Next time I see Joe Biden, I'll ask him.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:09 PM on 14 June 2004