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2 June 2004

On the upswing

Cam Edwards asks:

[I]s life better for you now than it was five years ago, and do you credit the government at all?

1.  Yes.

2.  There are two ways in which the government has contributed to improving my existence: tax policies that put a few extra coins in my pocket, and foreign policies that put the interests of this country above the interests of the soi-disant "international community."

How's that?

Posted at 1:20 PM to Political Science Fiction

Pithy, and perfectly said.

Posted by: David at 9:34 PM on 2 June 2004

but but but... you haven't figured out the cam edwards jujitso form of thinking about government...

close your eyes and imagine that all the parts of government that work for you and make your life better off don't exists and all the parts that work for other people are ten times bigger and more expensive and taking money out of your pocket.

Mix that with a smidge of resentment for poor people and immigrants and you get the new conservative mindeset where we can spend ourselves into oblivion arming troops and invading countries but can't even get around to providing decent school buildings.

ironic isnt it?

Posted by: bruce at 11:08 AM on 3 June 2004

What part of the Oklahoma Department of Ed budget went into funding the invasion of Iraq? I'm confused, bruce...

Because, you know, Education (except in DC) is a function of state government. The Federal Department of Education might as well be called the "Department of Unfunded Mandates."

And bruce - all government takes money out of my pocket - from cruise missiles to social security to agricultural subsidies. How I feel about it doesn't change the facts. Government wastes a lot of money - across the board. Do they do some good? Of course. But if you think they do good proportional to the money they spend, you're delusional.

Conservative objections to government spending are largely pragmatic. That's why we're going to win the voucher war and why the NEA is fighting a losing battle. Libs have controlled education policy for the last 50 years - and where have they gotten us?

Do we need to spend more money on education? Of course. But not while the NEA/OEA is in charge of the spending. We shouldn't be throwing good money after bad.

Posted by: Dan at 1:28 PM on 3 June 2004

bruce just loves to offer caricatures. And why shouldn't he? He is one.

Posted by: McGehee at 2:50 PM on 3 June 2004

Well, he did ask for a comparison to five years ago, so I specified two things which have changed in the last five years. Anything which hadn't changed during this time period was, I decided, irrelevant to the question. So what I might think of the fire department (sterling fellows, and they're only three blocks from me) or Parks and Recreation (who will be glad when this water project over here is finished) didn't affect my answer.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:34 PM on 3 June 2004