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31 May 2004

And what's more, it's late

In a comment to this post yesterday, Page took me to task:

I think one of your "things to do" items should be "post the list."

So get busy. You have until 8 a.m. tomorrow.

Well, it obviously didn't happen, and no way am I going to divulge every last item I have cluttering up the back of my mind. But I did open this door, so to speak, and no one in his right mind refuses Page anything, so I'm tossing up a few more items from the list, mostly without regard to any criterion of reasonableness.

1. I would like to get my driving skills honed and polished to the point that I can drive in One Lap of America, the mildly-tamed descendant of the original Cannonball Run with a run-what-you-brung ethic. Entrance requires, among other things, two stints in racing school and $500,000 in liability insurance.

2. Just once, I'd like to get my Sullivan number down to 2.

3. I don't know whether this is even possible or not, given the various physical factors involved and the track record of my more reptilian side, but I would like to have a purely nonsexual relationship with a woman of indeterminate age that is conducted, to the extent possible without running afoul of local laws, entirely without clothing. Just someone to hang with, so to speak, and talk to.

4. Route 66 is more an historical artifact than an actual highway these days. Part of its allure, I have always believed, was that it cut an odd swath across the country: south across Illinois, turning southwest at St Louis, finally heading straight west at Oklahoma City. There are, however, still-extant US routes that cut even stranger diagonals than that: 52, which drops from the very top of North Dakota to midtown Charleston, South Carolina, and 62, which runs from El Paso to Niagara Falls. I hope to drive both in their entirety while they're still around.

Now imagine the ones I didn't tell you.

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Well, if it's any consolation, Charles, your Better Living Number is 1.

Feel better?

Posted by: David at 11:23 AM on 31 May 2004

Ah ha! Well done. And it's OK that it's late. I didn't wake up until noon today.

Posted by: "Page" at 12:34 PM on 31 May 2004

I love road trips. And most people I meet seem to feel like they've already done all the road trips they've wanted to do in their life. It's nice to hear someone talking about wanting to do more of them. (I was referred to your blog by Dawn, btw.)

Posted by: CL at 9:49 PM on 31 May 2004

Being "in the altogether" with someone you're not trying to paw is quite freeing. Good luck. :)

Posted by: Deb at 3:43 AM on 1 June 2004

I've done a 4000-mile-plus road trip each of the last three summers, and I never quite get tired of it; yes, I'm gasping for breath when it's over, but the fatigue passes, leaving behind the memories. (And, of course, a whole box of credit-card slips, but that's a different matter entirely.)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:33 AM on 1 June 2004

I LOVE a good road trip. And it was on one of yours that I happened to meet ya! So of course they're a good thing. :) I can only hope I get myself into a position, one day, to road trip so far and so often as you have.

Posted by: Erica at 5:20 AM on 7 June 2004

But of course.

Two things happened to make these trips possible:

(1) I got to the point where I had more than two weeks' vacation available;

(2) I bought a car that could stand up to the stress.

Beyond that, it became simply a matter of logistics. And those I can handle, generally.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:42 AM on 7 June 2004