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29 May 2004

Another one rides the bus

J. M. Branum has caught a glimpse of a Yahoo! banner ad which reads as follows:

$167.00 is all it takes to buy BUSH a one-way ticket home. Chip in $50 now!

And, as one would expect, a link to the Kerry campaign.

Mr Branum has researched the matter:

[T]hey goofed up. I checked and it would only be $147 to go from Washington to Waco (the closest big city to his ranch) and he could even go cheaper if he did the 7 day advance fare.

There being a two-month gap between Election Day and the Inauguration, I'd say there was certainly enough time to plan such a trip, should it become necessary.

Posted at 9:27 AM to Political Science Fiction

Everything costs just a little bit more when the democrats are in charge of the checkbook.

Posted by: punctilious at 4:18 PM on 29 May 2004

They have to charge a little more. It's for the Graft Tax.


Posted by: Rich at 10:49 AM on 2 June 2004