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28 May 2004

Taking dictation

There's a little strip of paper hanging in my office with the following equation:

1 manager = 1,000,000 micromanagers

Rounded down from 1,048,576, if you insist.

It's not George W. Bush's style to micromanage things, which prompted this remark from Andrea Harris:

The delegation thing is a method of governance, one which is not unique to Bush. Personally I think it is a more sensible approach to the job than the sort of micromanagement said to be the technique of a Former President Who I Will Not Name, but YMMV. I find it interesting, however, that this has become a favorite criticism of the anti-Bush contingent. In that, and in the accusations of intellectual inadequacies, I sense a whiff of wistful yearning for something more of a Leader than representative democracy can supply.

A Dear Leader, perhaps? Given the tendency of the "anti-Bush contingent" to fall along the Democratic Party / Big Government axis well, what could be Bigger than our very own despot?

Oh, that's right; they think we have one. Sorry I missed all those people thrown into prison for posting anti-Bush messages.

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make broad generalization... mock broad generalization... are we getting tired of this game yet?

Lte me know when we return to the realm of critical thinking and thouhtful analysis.

I repeat, GI-GO.

Posted by: bruce at 12:11 AM on 29 May 2004

I love it when people try to tell other people how to blog.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:22 PM on 29 May 2004