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11 May 2004

An argument with bite

Ostensibly inspired by what he read here, Mike in Little Axe has posed the following question:

If a pack of brown pitbulls killed a loved one, which option would you choose to prevent others from suffering the same fate?

1) Kill the pack of dogs.
2) Kill all brown pitbulls.
3) Kill all pitbulls.
4) Kill all brown dogs.
5) Kill all dogs.

I point out only that pit bulls, like jihadi, are the way they are only because of the instructions they received from their masters: there's nothing inherent in their genetic code to make them anything more than snarly. As Oscar Hammerstein once noted, "You've got to be carefully taught."

The city of Denver, incidentally, is prone to option 3.

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It's also the physical capacity to do immense damage if trained to incline to do so.

Sweetest dog I know is a pit bull - he's mixed with a lab, so he's a BIG pit bull. You can rub his belly as a stranger; he's that sweet.


Posted by: hln at 12:53 PM on 11 May 2004