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1 May 2004

Did I hear someone say "quagmire"?

Iraq, it goes without saying, is not Vietnam.

Of course, things that go without saying usually end up said anyway, so:

Iraq is not Vietnam.

Note-It Posts, to amplify this point, offers the Top Ten Ways You Can Tell Iraq Is Not Vietnam. A sampling thereof:

10. In all the radio traffic that Fox News has broadcast coming from Iraq, we haven't heard the phrase "Charlie" used a single time.

  3. 2004: Smallpox vaccines. 1965: Penicillin shots.

  2. John Kerry got two paper cuts and a stubbed toe last week, and hasn't received a single Purple Heart for his pain and anguish.

Seven more where these came from.

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You misspelled the Q-word. It's "quagmire <bloodcurdling scream>".

Posted by: McGehee at 7:42 AM on 2 May 2004