The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

24 April 2004

How now, brown thumb?

Up to now, I have never had much luck with plants; I've always suspected that once aware of my presence, they shut themselves down rather than endure it.

White irisesThe flora at Surlywood, however, are anything but suicidal, and they're utterly indifferent to me. I expected, based on what I found in the November inventory, one small clump of irises this spring, but got three. (This is the first, which is all white; the second is a mixture of white and yellow; the third, in the back yard under the cottonwood tree, is purple.) I'm starting to envision having the entire back fence lined with these things. Of course, if I actually plan for this, I may be pushing my luck.

Posted at 9:55 AM to Surlywood

We thought we were doom to most plants also, but irises have to rate up there in the hard to kill off category. Heck, they are harder than weeds to kill off. I am still trying to find some of the peach coloured irises, I think they may be the exception to the rule.

Posted by: anstranger at 4:14 PM on 24 April 2004

I'm seeing the beginnings of a rose bush along the west edge of the flower bed. I may be able to trash it in my time-dishonored fashion, but for now I'm pretending it's not there.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:54 PM on 24 April 2004

When I first bought the house I planted 50 Daffodil bulbs in the back yard. The next three or four Spring's they were gorgeous. But then only about half of them came up and now only about a third. I heard that they are supposed to be thinned or some other manner of tending to but I haven't done it. Suppose that is why? :)

Posted by: ms7168 at 7:51 AM on 25 April 2004

Irises are wonderful. Just ignore them and in a few years they will have taken over.

Posted by: Lynn S at 11:46 AM on 25 April 2004