The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

23 April 2004

Ask me about my vow of silence

Somebody planted this sign complete with a color scheme redolent of Valentine's Day in the grass adjoining a prodigiously busy intersection:

Are you single? Free info: 405-607-xxxx.

I'm pretty sure I'm single; I have a copy of my divorce decree. How much additional info do I need?

(And it damned sure wasn't free, either.)

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Divorce: 1. (n) A legal term meaning to rip a mans' wallet out through his nostrils. 2. (v) The act of subjecting a man to the process of rendering him financially destitute by use of the court system and a shyster lawyer.

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip at 6:37 PM on 23 April 2004

Hmm. Ralph seems a bit bitter 'bout somethin'.

Posted by: notGeorge at 10:16 PM on 23 April 2004