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19 April 2004

How to publish a retraction

Over the weekend, Wonkette noted Joe Trippi's charge that the usual members of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy® were behind the temporary blackout of Air America, and commented:

Air America should fail because it sucks, not because...some shadowy conservative cabal is pulling strings!

On the same item, later:

UPDATE: Some readers have taken issue with our characterization of Air America as sucking. Some would say it blows. But mainly we've heard from angry liberals who argue that Air America is an important dissenting voice in a media dominated by right-wing rumormongers and conservative mouthpieces. This is an excellent point. So we take it back: Air America should not fail because it sucks. Air America should fail under the weight of its humor-crushing earnestness and mammoth hubris, not because some shadowy conservative cabal is pulling strings.

I don't know whether Air America will fail or not, myself, and I haven't listened to it to determine its level of suckage. (The only radio talk show I check on anything resembling a regular basis is the Diane Rehm Show on NPR.) But "mammoth hubris" is a concept I understand. And Hubris, followers of the Greek gods will recall, tends to be followed at some indeterminate interval by Nemesis.

Posted at 9:33 AM to Political Science Fiction

I haven't yet heard Air America, so it's hard for me to measure their suckiness. But the fact that they have to pay stations to carry their programming is not a good sign.

In the true spirit of liberalism, you'd think they'd be vying for public access stations.

Posted by: Ravenwood at 11:39 AM on 19 April 2004

This is actually a fairly common practice in commercial radio; rather than sell individual spots, the stations are selling blocks of time. I do not know whether the stations have retained any spots for local or national (through the station or group's rep) sales; if so, the blocks would sell for a lower rate.

I think that had the FCC not thrown so many obstacles into the path of LPFM, there might now be a small FM facility in most markets that would be willing to carry Air America. (NPR, to the surprise of few, was an opponent of LPFM.)

Posted by: CGHill at 12:17 PM on 19 April 2004