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13 April 2004

Looking out for #2

Once again, John McCain says no, and the Baseball Crank finds the very suggestion absurd:

I think it's just funny that the Democrats' cupboard of leadership is so bare that many of them would kill to put a Republican (and not just any Republican, but one who's more of a war hawk than Bush, and is a firm supporter of school choice and private Social Security accounts and other heresies) on the ticket. I mean, could you imagine anybody in the conservative press or blogosphere agitating to put Bob Kerrey or even Zell Miller on the GOP ticket? The closest we'd come is lifelong liberal Republicans like Powell or Giuliani or Schwarzenegger, and even they'd be viewed with mixed feelings.

Maybe if McCain promised to work for the repeal of McCain-Feingold no, wait, that's not going to happen either.

I have no idea who's the frontrunner in John Kerry's Veepstakes at the moment, but for all the difference it's going to make, he might as well go ahead and pick Dominique de Villepin and hope that the Dithering Classes think he's putting a woman on the ticket: as the Crank notes, "What percentage of America's voting public is aware that Wesley Clark and Richard Clarke are not the same person?"

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I have a growing suspicion that it's going to be (a) someone very close to Kerry, that (b) no one -- or close enough to no one as makes no never mind -- is even mentioning.

I've been shaking my Magic 8-Ball™ so much trying to get a clue, that the blue water inside is more bubbles than water.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:34 PM on 13 April 2004