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27 March 2004

Somewhere off Shattuck Avenue

I'm reasonably certain I don't need to fill in the name of the California city in which this took place:

The Police Review Commission has rejected a proposal to buy two German shepherd police dogs after opponents said the animals could intimidate poor people and racial minorities.

The 6-3 vote Wednesday night effectively kills the Police Department's plans for a canine unit.

A good police dog, GSD or otherwise, should be able to intimidate anybody up to and including Governor Schwarzenegger, fercryingoutloud.

(Via Overtaken by Events, where Matt suggests that an initiative to "teach the homeless the full glory of homosexual midget performance art" would be more favorably considered by this unnamed burg.)

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Wait, wait - don't tell me! It's San Francisco, isn't it?


Posted by: David at 7:26 PM on 27 March 2004

Uh, close, but no cigar.

Not that you'd be allowed to smoke one anyway.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:56 AM on 28 March 2004