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26 March 2004

The grain of assault

Dr John Lott, writing at NRO, sees an end to one particularly egregious gun-control measure:

The so-called "assault-weapons ban," a hallmark of the gun-control movement, is dead. After a decade of claiming that the ban is crucial to reducing crime and protecting police, gun-control organizations have suddenly morphed into Gilda Radner's old Saturday Night Live character, Roseanne Rosanna-Dana, saying "never mind."

The ban expires on 13 September; while some of the usual suspects have weighed in, and the Senate did once vote to extend the ban before deciding to let it fade into the sunset, there's little support for the idea in the House, and there seems to be some dim realization among at least some of the anti-Second Amendment crowd that the ban as written was purely arbitrary and had no discernible impact on the nation's crime rate.

I'll be happy to see it die, not because I particularly aspire to fill up a gun cabinet with such weapons, but simply because it was a dumb idea, conceived in desperation and enacted in haste. Good riddance.

But dammit, John, it was Emily Litella who said "Never mind." Sheesh. It's always something.

(Update, 10:15 am: Revised the Senate reference and added a link.)

Posted at 9:44 AM to Political Science Fiction

It's possible I missed something, but I believe the Senate vote on extending the AW ban was on an amendment to a bill that same body subsequently killed.

In short, the Senate voted to extend it the way John Kerry voted for the $87 billion for the troops.

In this instance, though, I ain't complaining.

Unless, as allowed above, I've missed something.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:02 AM on 26 March 2004

I think you may be right; I will tweak the phrasing accordingly.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:11 AM on 26 March 2004

"What's all this talk about endangered feces?"

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip at 11:11 AM on 26 March 2004

i too will not miss this idiotic law. it makes a mockery of the commerce clause for the sole purpose of scoring some political points in elections now long gone.

this is one of the best examples of the great benefit to liberty of sunset provisions in law.

Posted by: rammer at 8:00 PM on 26 March 2004