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24 March 2004

You must be this old to read this book

Harper's Bazaar has a recurring feature called "Fabulous at Every Age," which presents fashion and beauty tips for women from twentysomething to sixty and beyond who can afford the sort of stuff that's featured in Harper's Bazaar.

This time around, though, they're undercutting their own message. The April cover duly announces the "Fabulous..." content in large print, but behind that announcement is a gloriously lovely photo (by Patrick Demarchelier) of... Drew Barrymore?

Not to put the knock on Drew, who is fabulous in her own right a woman with a past is almost always more appealing when you sense she has a future but she's only twenty-nine. I assume they had the cover story in the can and needed to get it out there while it was still fresh, but I suspect that someone 39 or 49 with a sense of foreboding about that next birthday is not at all likely to be reassured by the presence of someone she thinks of as a kid.

By the way, in "Accessories for Every Age," women my age (which is just beyond 50) are encouraged to go for highly-decorated bags, the simplest and least-substantial shoes, and "major" diamonds.

Posted at 6:21 PM to Rag Trade

"Major" diamonds? Like ... Wrigley Field? Fenway Park? Yankees Stadium?

As opposed to "minor" diamonds like Raley Park, home of the Sacramento River Cats?

Posted by: McGehee at 6:56 PM on 24 March 2004

Coach, strapless, and 2-ct minimum.

Posted by: Vickie at 5:22 PM on 25 March 2004

Two carats? Omigod.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:44 PM on 25 March 2004

Anything over that is gaudy.

Posted by: Vickie at 9:45 PM on 25 March 2004