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21 March 2004

East side story

"Why bother with the UN at all?" asks Myria:

What do we want out of the UN? What is it we want it to do? Provide peace on earth? If so, it's a miserable failure. Be a place where diplomats get together and discuss things? We already have those, they're called 'Embassies'. Provide some 'higher authority'? That certainly seems to be the take of some, what with the "Bush should have gotten UN approval" crap. Why? From whence does this mysterious UN authority derive? The US government, at least in theory, derives its power from the will of the people, from what does the UN derive its authority? I don't know about you, but I don't recall voting for Kofi Annan, nor do I recall any constitutional amendment ceding authority from the US government to a bunch of UN bureaucrats.

If the UN ceased to exist tomorrow, what would change? What would we lose? Other than that there'd be fewer people running around New York thinking they'll be running a one world nanny-state anti-democratic mega-government that taxes the bejesus out of everyone any day now if only they can find the right way to get everyone to agree with them.

The problem with the UN isn't that there aren't enough democracies the UN itself isn't democratic in any sense of the term the problem is that it's a flawed concept to begin with. Something that sounds great in theory but that theory ignores human nature and political realities. Great idea on paper, in practice an utter disaster area.

What prompted this outburst was the revelation that a caucus of democracies is being assembled, technically under the auspices of the UN, with the unspoken goal of doing an end run around the Third World misfits and miscreants, aided and abetted by Euroschmucks, who currenly dominate the UN by dint of sheer decibel level.

In Oklahoma, we tend to describe this sort of modification as "painting a smiley-face on a turd." At the very least, the notion of populating an ostensible world parliament with representatives of despots is utterly ludicrous; circumventing them may be good, but telling them to go to hell is better. At the moment, I'm thinking the US should inform the UN that its future participation in this charade should be conditioned upon the UN's relocation to a place more appropriate to its present-day mission. I'm sure Robert Mugabe could find them space in Harare.

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