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14 March 2004

Today's Signs of the Apocalypse

(1) The Orange County, California community of Aliso Viejo, relying on "bad research" by a staffer, worked up an ordinance to ban the mysterious substance dihydrogen monoxide. I must point out that Aliso Viejo isn't the first town to be spooked by the stuff, though; two years ago, a radio report frightened people in Olathe, Kansas.

(2) Playboy prognosticator Allen St. John, in the April issue, predicts a Red Sox/Cubs World Series; the Cubbies, says St. John, will prevail in six.

(Muchas gracias for item 1: McGehee.)

Posted at 11:02 AM to Dyssynergy

Re #1, here's the money quote:

"Our main concern is with the Aliso Creek watershed," Norman said. "If you get Styrofoam into the water and it breaks apart, it's virtually impossible to clean up."

I'm sure there are a plethora of pool boys in Orange County who could be pressed into service to skim the stream.

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip at 3:22 PM on 14 March 2004

Of course, this being California, they're probably not allowed to draft pool boys; the city will have to file however-many requests with Sacramento, and then someone licensed by the state will perform the cleanup for approximately twelve times as much as we'd pay here in the flyover zone.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:00 PM on 14 March 2004