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11 March 2004

Disenchanted in advance

Oklahoma is one of those states whose devotion to the two-party system is apparently deep and lasting; it's darn near impossible to get a third-party candidate (e.g. Nader, 2000) or an independent candidate (e.g. Nader, 2004) on the Presidential ballot here. And that's rather a shame, since I'm not all that enthralled with the incumbent I give him points for foreign policy, I take them back for the way he spends my money and I am really appalled that the Democrats are actually about to nominate a sagging mannequin, a Gorebot minus the charisma. If ever there was a time for a protest vote, November 2004 is it, even if there's no chance of electing, say, some hot Abercrombie chick.

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As if I would ever vote for a candidate that used BlogSpot.

And no, I'm not a snob -- why, just ask anyone...anyone who matters.

Posted by: David at 8:49 PM on 11 March 2004

Enjoyed 'The Vent'. Please put me on your e-mail list for future 'The Vent' update notification. You do have one?

I realize you refer to them on occasion, but if you could come up with some type of 'Vent update alert', perhaps I, and other thick-headed fans of yours, wouldn't have to spend so much time all at once catching up.

Posted by: Mike at 8:45 AM on 12 March 2004

Actually, I don't have an update system on those: they come out four times a month, relatively evenly spaced. There is always a link to the latest Vent in the "Vital features" area.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:18 AM on 12 March 2004