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11 March 2004

Let us now praise combo meals

By a vote of 276 to 139, the House passed the so-called Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act, which bars lawsuits against restaurants and food-service companies who vend stuff that might actually make you fat if you wolf down enough of it.

The bill's fate in the Senate remains to be seen, but Serenity (channeling Stevens & Grdnic, it appears) wonders about the opposition:

Maybe I don't get out enough. I appear to have missed all those Burger King employees going through the quiet, unassuming neighborhoods, kicking in doors, taking the residents out by gunpoint and forcing them into a van, hauling them to the closest BK, and shoving a Whopper down their throat.

You'd think that John Kerry would endorse this bill: after all, if the nation cuts down its consumption of French fries, the effect on ketchup manufacturers which is to say, the effect on Heinz, the only ketchup that matters will hit him, or at least his wife, right in the pocketbook.

Posted at 6:32 AM to Political Science Fiction

I have little doubt that most Senators must have fast-food stock in their performing-significantly-better-than-the-open-market portfolios.

For those who don't we can just get a bunch of ambulance chasers to file class-action lawsuits against corporations that are in their portfolios. Once they see that their investments are performing only 10% better than the market in general, maybe they'll fall into line.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:22 AM on 11 March 2004

I find it sad and rather frightening that we have reached the point where (it is thought) we will take personal responsibility for our actions only through an act of Congress.

Posted by: The Proprietor at 10:08 AM on 11 March 2004

Meals? Sounds good to me, but no whoppers.

Posted by: wamprat at 1:44 PM on 11 March 2004

I'll take a whopper, but no meat.

Posted by: Aniwarp at 8:30 PM on 11 March 2004